Canteen Menu

Grab a brew, some food, or just plain old good conversation.


Fill up on these delicious snacks.

    Pizza $8

    We've got pepperoni, supreme, and cheese.

    Hot Pockets $2

    Multiple flavors and styles.

    Popcorn $1

    All the fixins.

    Corn Dogs $2

    Now with mustard.

    White Castle Burgers $2

    Everyones favorite mini-burgers.

    Theater Box Candy $2

    Theater size, not theater costs.


We serve both domestics and imports.

Domestic beer $2.50

US brand beers.

Imported beer $3.50

Global brands.


We serve both red and whites.

Red wine $3

Pinot noir, cabernet, merlot.

White wine $3

Pinot grigio, riesling, chardonnay.

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